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IPMS Silverwings has been Sacramento’s premier model building club since 1971, our members are highly accomplished model builders whose interests run from military aircraft, military vehicles, ships, civilian vehicles, figures, and dioramas from all historical eras.

We are modeling enthusiasts dedicated to re-creating accurate scale representations of our modeling subjects. We strive to endow our models with the look and feel of historical accuracy and realism.

SilverCon 2016

Silverwings’ annual model contests and show has been rescheduled to Saturday, February 20, 2016.

We are posting our contest flyer here. The flyer can be downloaded and printed out. Contest categories and general rules for the contest are on page 2.

 SilverCon 2016 Contest Flyer 


SilverCon 2014

Silverwings held its annual contest and show, SilverCon 2014, on Saturday, December 6, 2014. The contest winners in their respective categories are shown on the webpages linked to this page:

  • Categories A through M, covering biplane aircraft single engine propeller driven and jet aircraft 1:72nd, 1:48, and 1:32nd scale  aircraft; multiengine aircraft in all scales; rotary wing aircraft; and military vehicles of various descriptions.
  • Categories N through Y cover civilian vehicles and motorcycles, ships, railroad equipment and rolling stock, science fiction and space exploration, Junior/sub Juniors, out-of-the-box, and miscellaneous models.
  • Special awards include our contest theme for this year, “The Push to the Finish… The Last Year of the War”, Best of Show, Best Aircraft Model, Best Weathered Model, And Best Armor Model.

Silverwings’ SilverCon shows and contests enjoy wide popularity in Northern California

This year’s contest was well attended, with modelers coming from all over Northern California, from Yuba City in the north to Fresno in the South; from the Tahoe basin area in the east to the San Francisco Bay area communities, South Bay, and East Bay communities in the West, and from the Reno-Fernley area in Nevada.

The images posted on this website are but a mere sampling of the quality of models and the breadth of subjects that are displayed in each of our annual SilverCon contests.

Ordinarily, IPMS Silverwings, as do other affiliated IPMS modeling clubs, apply IPMS National Judging Standards to each of our contests. A statement of our club’s judging policy is included on this website. The single most important rule that we instruct our judges to apply is that they must make their decisions based upon fairness, transparency, and consistency of application to every contestant.

SilverCon 2015 Is Already on the Horizon

We are already beginning our preparations for SilverCon 2015, that will be held on Saturday, December 6, 2016. Because this past year’s contest was larger and more elaborate than previous years’ contests , we will be undertaking a review of our contest categories to see where we can make improvements that will make for an even better show this coming December. Even though this year’s contest is still 11 months away , you can keep track of our progress by visiting this website.

Within the next few months we will be posting a new Contest Flyer and an updated contest registration form. These revised forms will contain additional information you will need to participate in our contest, including contest categories, and contest rules in judging standards that IPMS Silverwings and its affiliated modeling clubs apply to our contests.

Silverwings’ Contest Policies, Rules, and procedures

As a general rule, IPMS Silverwings applies the judging standards that were adopted by the IPMS/USA national organization. As a local modeling club, we strive to apply the highest judging standards at our contests, but above all, our judges are instructed to make their decisions fairly, transparently, and employ consistent standards to evaluate all contest entrants. As president of IPMS Silverwings, and Chief Judge at IPMS Silverwings’ annual contests, I am committed to ensure that all entrants are treated fairly. For further details, go to out link for Contest Judging Standards and Best Practices.

SilverCon is a magnet for vendors and those wishing to sell hobby collectibles

In addition to the contest itself, Silverwings’ SilverCon annual contests have traditionally been one of California’s preeminent venues for hobbyists and vendors who offer an exceptionally wide array of model building supplies, plastic and resin model kits, specialty decals, and everything else that sophisticated modelers want to have in order to make their models meet the most exacting standards in our hobby.

Our shows have long been a magnet for collectors and others looking to acquire hard-to-find items that are generally available nowhere else, or which are offered at much higher prices on eBay and elsewhere.

SilverCon 2014 included a total of 21 vendors utilizing 32 tables to display and sell their wares. These vendors included commercial enterprises and individuals looking to dispose of model kits, books, and other items from their private collections. Many of these artifacts and references have considerable historical value, are no longer in print, or are long out-of-print or production.

So, welcome to our new website, and enjoy!

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